Dear KESS Parents.

Finally, the day has arrived. We invite all parents and guardians to our "Meet the Teachers" night. There are lots of reasons to come:

Meet our outstanding teaching and administration staff: Ms. Comeau, Ms. Randall, Mr. Woodland, Ms, Jones, Ms. Manuel, Ms. Szetela and me, Mr. Szetela.

Meet our outstanding support staff, many of whom are also planning to attend.

Come to hear about the many changes we've implemented this year and receive your Parent/Student handbook which described most of them.

Feel free to ask questions and find out the "why" part of the changes, and also hear about the evidence that the changes are working to improve your child's education in a very powerful sense.

Come for social time with fellow parents and the staff.

Come to hear about renovation projects in the planning stages to improve our facility.

Come to check out our new refrigerated water bottle filling station, our school BBQ, our new Ping Pong tables, our new picnic tables, our document reader, and other purchase to improve teaching and learning, health, and the fun aspect of school.

Come to find out what help we need. Yes, we need help and are planning to explore the idea of form a PAC and a First Nations Parent Club.

Come to share your ideas about future projects and initiatives you'd like to see us consider.

Come to check out the lost and found items, to have a look at your contact information file to make sure we have it right, and to check some there forms we need parents to sign.

Come for the food! $4 for a gourmet homemade burger and a drink, or $1 for a hotdog. And note, if you are a parent and attend the entire information session from beginning to end, your hamburger/drink combo is free!

Finally, please come, use because there is evidence that involved and supportive parents lead to student success.


4:30 - Coffee, 
5:00 - 5:45 Formal Presentation, Room 1
6:00 - 6:30 Hamburgers (hot dogs for students)
6:30 - 7:15 Meet the teachers in their classrooms

High School Students will be excused at 3:05 with the Elementary dismissal so that staff and students have adequate time to set up, make food preparations and cook.

Looking forward to a great turnout and a positive interactions!



Marty Szetela, Principal

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